Consulting Services

key accomplishments

  • Developed core messages, social media, and press pitches, which led to international media coverage of new understandings of sports within today's geopolitical, socio-cultural, economic, and medical context.

  • Counseled sports executives in understanding a consumer’s experience with international sports events, athletes, and teams based on intercultural communications, which helped refine global brand identities and better market their team/league/event to the public.

  • Conducted communications workshops for professionals, doctors, scholars, and executives, which provided them with more robust public outreach strategies and refined their presentation at industry events.

  • Advised U.S. institutions in Paris on ways to enhance and promote their cultural heritage holdings through digital platforms to enable greater availability of historically significant yet hard-to-access collections.

  • Initiated, developed, and directed the Office of the Historian’s History Briefing Program (HBP), which provided critical historical and cultural information for ambassadors and Foreign Service Officers to base policy decisions and public diplomacy programs on while avoiding blunders.

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Five Steps for Communicating beyond academia

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